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        Cassava Dregs Dryer

        Cassava Dregs Dryer

        Key Specifications

        Production capacity: 0.5-40t/h

        Power: 3-75kw

        Rotation speed: 1.5-8r/min

        Weight: 2.9-104.9t

        Application Fields:  used in industries of slag, sand, construction materials, metallurgy, chemical engineering, coal, mining, etc.

        Minerals Processed

        Applicable Materials: cassava dregs, clay, limestone, ardealite, dry-mixed mortar, grain slag, coal slime, etc.

        • Limestone
        • Slag
        • Coal Slime

        General Introduction of Cassava Dregs Dryer

        Cassava dregs dryer is also known as cassava dryer. Cassava dregs dryer is widely used in the drying of materials with high humidity like cassava, cassava and so on and its heating efficiency amounts to 85%. It is mainly composed of heating source, feeding machine, rotary drum, material discharge machine, induced draft fan, unloader and power distribution cabinet.

        Cassava Dregs

        Fote is a famous cassava dregs drying machine manufacturer and cassava dregs dryer supplier. The products are all with high quality and reasonable price. Please get contact with us to know more detailed information about the machine. We’ll always at your service.

        Cassava Dregs Dryer

        Cassava Dregs Dryer

        Features of Cassava Dregs Dryer

        1. Compact structure and easy to move. Cassava dryer is installed on the whole rack and moves by the front head traction. There is a quick leg fixed in production activity which is solid and reliable. It is convenient to change the site. Good economic performance and reliable performance;

        2. High drying intensity. Cassava dryer adopts cycle drying process. The special plate in cylinder ensures full access of thermal energy and materials in a dynamic process and the water vapor quickly discharged. It has larger productivity than any other dryer with the same volume.

        3. Automatic operation and thermotechnical CNC control. Smooth and reliable operation. Temperature can be regulated automatically which improves the stability of the temperature of hot air, and dry product quality can be guaranteed.

        Cassava Dregs Dryer

        Advantages of Cassava Dregs Dryer:

        1. Highly automatic, productive capacity is large, continuous operation.

        2. The structure is good, simple processes, materials through the resistance of cylinder running smooth, and easy to operate.

        3. Good uniformity of drying products.

        4.Special scattering device ensures the dryer's drying effect.

        5. Good sealing performance to ensure heat preservation , and it has the perfect dust removal device, no dust spills.

        6. The whole drying system uses electric centralized control, air temperature is adjusted automatically, high automation, easy operation

        7. Drying unit can connect with crushing, mixing, granulating, packaged, such as follow-up section to produce soybean pellets with the finished product.

        Cassava Dregs Dryer Principle

        The dewatered cassava dregs enter into the dryer and being lifted by the lifting board evenly in the rotating cylinder and make full access to the hot air that accelerates drying heat, and mass transfer. In the drying process, the cassava dregs are under the influence of inclined lifting board and heating media enter into another side of star-shape discharge hopper to discharge the final product. The technical data, equipment technical data and choice and design of structure are got from longtime research and analysis and verified by the actual cassava drying experiment. In the design, fully take into account of the large water content and protein content and viscosity of the cassava, a series of measures have been taken to ensure the good drying effect.

        Cassava Dregs Dryer

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