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        Rotary Dryer

        Rotary Dryer

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        Key Specifications

        Production capacity: 2.5-36t/h

        Application Fields:  industries of metallurgy, chemical engineering, construction materials and mining

        Minerals Processed

        Applicable Materials: slag, compound fertilizer, granular fuel and saw dust briquette

        • Slag
        • Coal

        Rotary Dryer Introduction

        Rugged, field proven designs and almost 40 years of combined rotary dryer manufacturing experience provide the foundation for our FTM® Minerals Processing Systems rotary dryer lines.The reliability of FTM® rotary kiln dryer is based on a revolutionary filter and rotating connector, non-welded tank and frame construction. This design provides excellent drying strength even in industrial applications.

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        FTM® rotary kiln dryers are the most productive and cost-efficient rotary dryers for any Industrial drying application. FTM® Rotary Dryers were originally developed to dry the hardest ores and rocks so they perform extremely well also in less demanding applications, such as soft rock, recycling and slag.High level of engineering combined with top-of-the-line commercial components, such as spherical tank and filter ensure the reliability that FTM® rotary kiln dryers are known for.

        The FTM®rotary kiln dryer, as a material heating and drying device, realizes drying process by making materials inside the coaxial rotary drum move back and forth between the inner and external wall driven by the spiral vane and interrupted spiral raising plate.

        rotary dryers tank

        rotary dryers frame

        Rotary kiln dryers or kiln dryers are mainly used to dry slag, clay and coal powder in the construction and metallurgy industries, and leaching residue of the metal processing industry.

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        Rotary Dryer Features

        1. The rotary drying machine or rotary dryer is with high mechanization, strong production capability and continuous operation

        2.Excellent and simple structure, steady operating process under resistance of the drum, easy operation

        3.Little malfunction, low maintenance cost and power consumption

        4.Wide application range and good drying effect.

        rotary kiln and dryer

        Rotary Dryer Principle

        The sleeve column structure of the rotary drying machine or rotary dryer shortens the dryer length in multiple times. As the heat delivery area is greatly reduced, so is the heat consumption. However, the multiplication heat exchange area increases the heat performance. For those untouchable materials, the multi-drum rotary dryer provides inner smoke tube and annular smoke tube relevantly in the inner drum and external drum. These smoke tubes connect each other through radial tubes to increase high efficiency. It’s obvious that hot materials and cold medium, the rotary dryer is also known as sleeve type rotary kiln and dryer.

        Rotary Dryers working principle

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